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Competitors Links Spying

Competitors Links Spying

Competitors links are probably their most important asset next to their website. As you will be aware, you can have a highly-optimized website, but without links all effort and investment will prove worthless. This is why most of the online businesses are putting huge efforts in a quality link building.

Obtaining links is a slow and painful process. It never ends and simply speaking, there can never be enough links of quality and relevance. Even if you rank at the top for one of your target keywords, it is important to obtain quality links to maintain your position. Let’s put it this way. If you and your competitor have identical websites, the one with better link profile (more quality relevant links) will win the SEO game. 


So it is clear, your goal is to build relevant links. But the next question you will face is how to be sure you are going for the good links that will ensure an advantage over your competitors? There is only one way.


With this specially tailored and fast service, you will finally get a leverage along with the necessary info to effectively fight direct competitors. The only thing that we need is the web address of a website you want to be scanned for incoming links.

As the result, you will get a detailed report with all the latest links in the index. There is no limitation, one price is per one site checked. It doesn’t matter if a report contains 20 or 20 000 links. The price is always the same. You will get the reports in a tabular excel format. Alternatively, you can ask for CSV, TSV or Google Docs.


When you receive your report, results will be sorted by the number of links. This means that you will see how many inbound links that particular site linking to your competitor has. You can also instruct us to sort results by citation flow, trust flow, country code, IP, outgoing links from a domain and more. It really depends on your strategy.

What’s next, what do you do with the report? With precise data collected, you can now reach for those site owners and ask them what it takes to get a link on their site (or even a specific page where your competitor is). Interestingly, many site owners will give you a link for free while some will ask for something in return (money, link back on some of your sites, etc). Anyway, there is no faster and more precise way to beat the competition in this field.

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