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keyword map
Keyword Map is a unique product designed for webmasters or site owners looking for a precise content strategy plan. The keyword map will be made specifically for you and enables webmasters to follow a complete guide and SEO strategy for successful digital marketing. The purpose of the keyword map is to make things easy for you while providing an action plan your site should follow. Realization of a delivered plan depends on your time and effort. We also offer the ability to make complete SEO content pages if that fits your budget. Please inquire if this option suits you best.




The keyword map is a list of keywords you should follow that will structure your site to comply with search engines rules and requirements. You should consider it as a roadmap and a definitive guide to top keywords ranking. The keyword map is delivered in a table format that you will use to increase organic traffic and to ensure proper internal linking structure. 


Keyword mapping starts with the easiest keywords and slowly rising toward those that are more difficult to rank. This means that for a keyword map, our keyword research and suggestion service is required to be conducted first.  The map is made in such manner to target keywords that can be ranked more easily. Why is this important? Because search engines want to see your site as a relevant resource on some subject. Having multiple related posts (pages) interlinked properly will make the site exactly what SE is looking for. Basically, with the keyword map, you are looking at instruction how to make an authority site on the subject you are targeting. 


Keyword map usage is perfect for people trying to build a killer new site but equally good for those with established sites and ongoing SEO efforts. Keyword research, internal link building of related keywords, smart keyword targeting of main keywords are the foundation of this service. Besides implemented SEO tips and search queries it will motivate you to work more. We know that lack of motivation is one of the biggest obstacles in the relatively slow world of content marketing and SEO. With a keyword map in front of you, there is no more excuse to avoid working and improving conversion rate.






SEO map


As you can see in the preview photo above, besides keyword difficulty, search volume, and recommended anchor text, there is one more column entitled “LINKS TO.” This column provides the serial number of other keywords on the map. It will tell you exactly to what pages (that are targeting those keywords) you should link from a current page. This data is based on content audit and detailed analysis of a keyword list. This approach will increase visitor time on site. This is one of the metrics affecting your SEO heavily, in the same way as CTR does. The result is a proper navigation and connection of individual pages beneficial for visitors and search engines. As with most of the other SEO services, there is a discount available for larger maps. Additional information can be found it on the order page.

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