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Keyword research

Keyword research is the alpha and omega of every successful SEO strategy. Simple as that. Every service offered here on is well designed and made to be user-friendly. If you are starting from scratch (launching a new site or entering new niche), this is definitely a first and mandatory step in the research process. What we noticed is that even more established webmasters don’t grasp the concept and importance of keywords. That’s fine, this page will explain to you why keyword research is so important and how it can help you to increase conversions and profits.

Time is money and wasting time is a direct loss of value. This service will save you time that can be spent to earn more or simply spend it better by performing other processes in your business. How? Simply by telling you what keywords are worth targeting and which ones will result in time loss and zero effect on the sales.


You are not alone in affiliate marketing, searching for qualified leads and potential customers. Actually, when it comes to adult site entertainment, competition is huge. The attractiveness of this business is big which means that many people will step in and try to get their piece of the pie. What is interesting is that even with a strong competition and huge companies there is still plenty of space to earn. To get there, you will have to precisely know important parameters about niche demand. 




As a customer, you will get two lists (explained below) in Microsoft Excel format (xls or xlsx) containing next data (if you need it delivered in some other format, please notify us through support page):

#1 – Monthly search volume – The average number of times per month people have searched for the exact keyword based on the country and search network targeting that keyword (for example, local google sites). The number of searches for the term averaged over a 12 month period

#2 – Average keyword competitiveness – A number from 0 to 100 that measures how difficult it is to rank on the first page of Google for the keyword. This metric is calculated using the page title, Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow, links, site age, and other factors of the top 10 results found on Google for the keyword. The higher number indicates a higher level of keyword difficulty.

#3 – Competition value – A value of low, medium or high indicating the number of advertisers for each keyword relative to all keywords across Google for the location and desired search network.

#4 –  Bid, rank value, location, etc – This data is included although it will not affect next steps and decisions how to proceed. 

Below is a sample print screen. You can download the excel file if you click on to it. Results are limited and based on the randomly picked seed keyword (latex).

Keyword Research
When you order keyword research and suggestions you will actually get two files. The first one (like the above sample) will have keywords sorted by average monthly search volume. The second one will have results sorted by keyword competitiveness as explained above. This file is more important for webmasters with relatively weak sites. At the same time when delivering the keyword list, we will also tell you about your current site KC value. As you can see, every keyword has own KC that should be paired with your site KC. Simply put, you can’t compete for a keyword with KC 54 if your site has value up to 35. 


This will save time, nerves and money competing for something that is simply out of your league. Imagine a boxer from the flyweight division fighting against the heavyweight champion. Not much of a chance for the underdog!

Based on our experience, most of the webmasters in adult digital marketing are totally unaware of these opportunities and how to find their sweet spot. Keyword analysis that delivers will tell you exactly what and how to target an audience. If you are wondering why you lost ranking for some great keywords or why search engines are not ranking your site, our keyword list will give you the basic answer. For more details about search terms and how to rank higher, check out SEO competition analysis service. This important service will help you understand traffic potential, drive sales and improve your internet marketing results.




In the sample file above, “latex” was the seed keyword we were using.  You noticed many other closely related terms in different length (long tail keywords). You will get the same based on your seed keywords. These are usually most important things in your niche. Once we pull out data and relevant keywords, you will finally have a real picture of niche or a sub-niche you are targeting. Simply speaking, those desired keywords (you will enter them on the order page) can be keywords you already rank or simply those you would like to rank for but you never had a chance to experiment.

This service is also good for people thinking about entering a new niche and trying to make basic search engine optimization and content strategy. Length of keyword lists depends on the desired depth of analysis and also on the size of niche.


For example, keyword research for SEO in MILF niche will give much more results and options than search results for ebony pissing. Sometimes, when niches are too small (limited result) we are using our experience to get ideas and put them manually on keyword suggestions list. Once you get your product (keyword research and suggestion list) you will get a better picture of the potential and competition (based on average monthly search volume, cost per click, words, and phrases, keyword competition, desired search engine, etc).

We believe that such important part of the research for SEO deserves detailed explanation you are just reading. Considering that search traffic depends on how well this phase of your SEO strategy is done, we encourage you to ask us any question you might have about your blog posts (landing page), Google Analytics, keyword research tool usage or whatever you consider that it’s important for your success. 




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