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keyword tracking
Keyword tracking is an add-on option to the rest of important and useful services. Given its relevancy, we decided to create it as a standalone service, not just as the part of SEO package. Unfortunately, there are many webmasters that have no idea how and where their page is ranked at this moment. No wonder people are confused considering that Google is hiding keywords (in Google Analytics) with their rationale of the day.

What you should know that in the modern SERP (search engine result pages) results vary based on multiple factors. It is totally normal that you see your page ranking different than your friend on the other side of the globe Advice: Be sure to log out from your Google account when checking average rank.  This is why it is extremely difficult to get a real feeling how you are currently ranked. On the top of that, add standard search engine dancing especially after big algorithm updates and you will be lost in no time. Lack of the information leads to problems and bad decision making. But now, you can track your ranking quickly and efficiently. No more wasted time spent trying to find the position of specific keywords.




For the price of only $7 per keyword, we will tell you exact keyword position on the four most important search engines;, Google Mobile, Bing, and Yahoo. Usually, we only check the first top 40 (four pages of SERPs) because being ranked below that point is like you are not ranked at all. Actually, only “serious” results are found on the first and second page but we added some more so we can track keyword climbing to the top. 


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Click on the image above for a keyword tracking table in a higher resolution to see more details



Knowing that many webmasters are targeting local rank and local markets, you can choose to replace any of mentioned search engines with local ones. For example, if you are making a local site for dating in Germany or a site for phone sex in Italy, we will investigate on a German and Italian version of search engines (,, etc). We are proud to say that can pull out ranking information for almost every search engine in the world. Monitoring your valuable keyword for local rank is not a problem for us. 





– For orders over 10 keywords, the price is $5 per keyword.

 For orders over 20 keywords, the price is $3 per keyword.

 For orders over 100 keywords, the price is $1 per keyword.



Rank tracking and position checker service are free for clients (and their group of keywords) who order an SEO PACKAGE package or spend over $600 with SEO Adult by combining other services. Even if not vital to the SEO campaign success, keyword rank tracking helps you understand the SEO game and current market condition in your favorite niche. Digital marketing efforts and online business growth based on a defined SEO strategy are always made based on data.


Knowing your current ranking (keyword tracking) for different keywords can tell you where to put your efforts to get better results while spending less time. For example, if you track a keyword and notice that you are ranked 25th place in SERPS, it is clear that optimizing that page to go higher in the results is better than putting effort into a keyword that is not in the top 100. Our experience tells us that there are some great discoveries made by closely watching web ranking, organic traffic and search results.


find out your current position in any search engine in the world