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Links Quality Check

Links Quality Check
Links Quality Check is additional service related to the offsite SEO strategy. Our experience shows that many webmasters are confused when it comes to making the decision about what links to obtain (buy or trade).


There are plenty of opportunities for getting new links online but are they all good and suitable for your link building strategy? Of course, they are not. The question is how to pick valuable ones and avoid wasting money or even earning a penalty for getting spammy links that have been resold many times before. We are here to help with special pricing of only $5 (yes, five bucks) per link check. SEO Adult will advise link worth should you try to negotiate the price of the link you are contemplating on purchasing. All this value for the fraction of the link price!






In the process of links quality check, there are various metrics examined before giving a professional opinion about the prospect quality. Without going into proprietary details, the final verdict is based on the following data:

1. LINK PENALTY CHECK – Basic and most important step is to see if the link is toxic which can do more harm than good for your site. A precisely defined spam score is calculated for every site. It becomes clear immediately if you should consider obtaining the desired link. This method is also suitable for checking existing links that you have already purchased. This metric score is calculated by taking multiple factors into consideration; Incoming and outgoing links, anchor texts, keywords, domain age, sitewide links, IP addresses, subnets, and links from low-quality directories, etc). We will analyze your links in the same manner as Google. 

be careful with links quality


For bulk quality checks of already established links, please contact us for the quote. In case there are some toxic links, we will create a disavow file for you that should be submitted to Google. This will allow you to defend yourself from negative SEO. 


2. LINK RELEVANCY – There are high-quality links available on the market. But they are drastically losing effectiveness if not coming from the source related to your niche. For example, you can have a high-quality link in the automotive industry but it is almost completely useless if your site is targeting the dating niche. This also means that sometimes only a few relevant links with good ranking will help much more than a dozen of nonrelated backlinks.

3. SEARCH ENGINE INDEXING – This part is a formality but still something we check. We are looking to see if the site indexed in main search engines or if it has a temporary penalty for some reason.

4. LINK RANK – You might recall that Google had a special metrics called Page Rank used to rank web pages. Even if it is officially discontinued, it’s still one of the key factors in ranking algorithms today. Google hadn’t been updating the public version of PageRank for several years until they recently closed access to it completely. This took away the most reliable metric SEO’s used to evaluate site authority and link quality. Luckily, there is a PageRank alternative we are calling LINK RANK. This is an accurate metric that would reflect the ranking power of any page on the web. 


Link Rank is based on the same algorithm as the original Google PageRank and is determined by the number and weight of incoming links to a page. It’s a score on a logarithmic scale from 0 and 100, which means it’s easier to grow one’s Link Rank from 20 to 30 than it is from 80 to 90. Link Rank is being re-calculated non-stop. On average, a site’s Link Rank can be expected to be updated at least once a month. As Link Rank gets updated, it also expands its index, calculating the score for new pages that weren’t previously assigned a Link Rank.

5. DOMAIN AGE – To put it simply, imagine that there are 10 totally identical sites that should be served in SERP (search engine result page). The only difference is the age of the domain. In this ideal and theoretical scenario, the oldest one will be on the top. Of course, there are many factors in real life but domain age is definitely an important SEO metric. Sometimes, website owners drop domains which can be a real mess with renewals. We will check the current age of a domain from a search engine perspective to provide an accurate status. 

6. ALEXA RANK – Although this metric can be easily manipulated, it is still one of the parameters that will help us get a better picture of an examined link.

7. SOCIAL MEDIA MENTIONS – Social mentions are not mandatory when talking about link quality but we prefer to check how a page has been shared over the most important social networks. It is absolutely possible that the link has a high score even without being featured on any social network platform. This is totally normal in the adult business considering that many social networks do not allow explicit content. 

Links quality checking