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Most Important SEO Principles

Most Important SEO Principles

Considering that you already had a chance to read more about starting a new site and SEO, this article is the next logical step. Knowing the most important SEO  principles will not only help your work better but also to notice the difference between serious and amateur SEO offers. 



The basic principle it totally simple and logical. Search engines won’t rank you if they can’t find your site and pages. We know that this sounds like an unnecessary advice but there are things that webmasters are overlooking. To ensure crawlability as one of most important SEO principles that will lead to quick and easy adding to SE index, you should do next:


– The important pages should reachable from the homepage. 

– Site pages should be arranged in a logical tree-like structure.  

– The names of your URLs (pages, categories, etc.) need to reflect the site structure.

– Internal links point need to point to important pages of your website. 

 If possible, add breadcrumbs to facilitate navigation

– Place a search box on visible to help visitors discover useful content.

– You should use rel=next and rel=prev to convert pages with infinite scrolling into paginated series.

– Don’t forget to use XML sitemap and submit it to Google and Bing webmaster tools.

– RSS/Atom feeds are a great way to notify SE about fresh updates

– Use featured snippets. A featured snippet (also called a position 0 result) is a search result that contains a brief answer to the search query. The significance of position 0 is growing fast. The thing is that voice assistant will normally use featured snippets (if available) to respond to users’ queries, and then cite the address of the website where the information is published. Featured snippets will pave your way to the answers provided by Amazon Echo or Google Assistant.







Interestingly, there is a huge % of adult sites still having thin content. It is nature of the business that is often serving content through feeds or plugs but this practice is now a huge problem. Try to put yourself in the perspective of a search engine. If your page is not having articles about the targeted keyword, you are probably already punished for thin content. This doesn’t mean that your visitor is not satisfied with they are seeing on that page (maybe a favorite video) but from the angle of SE, your site will be ranked bad if there are no important elements on that page.


Early in July 2016, new Google algorithm named Panda rolled out with the goal to downgrade thin content pages and sites. What you should do is to write articles and give an answer to the questions related to the subject you are promoting. It can be a little tricky with adult sites but it is still pretty doable.







Maybe a title above sounds a little bit extreme but if you do it, that means you are fixing a very serious problem. Penguin is the name of a Google algorithm detecting artificial backlink patterns and penalizing sites that violate its quality guidelines in regards to backlinks. Penguin has become a part of the core Google algorithm. In its early days, Penguin would hit an entire website. Currently, it’s more granular and it demotes particular pages that have “bad” links. Your task is to avoid suspicious schemes and to check the quality of links you are getting. If we had to vote, this would be one of the most important SEO principles.







Easier said than done because of different factors that fit this principle but it is still doable and we recommend to go for it. When we are saying “improving” that means to: work on increasing site speed (better hosting, image size reduction, scripts compression), enable HTTPS for your site, improve engagement and click-through rates (by writing more descriptive and more eppealing meta descriptions) and Learn more about new HTTP 2 protocol







Or simply speaking, be mobile friendly. You are probably listening about mobile-ready websites for the last few years. Believe it or not, there are still tons of money making sites not being optimized for mobile devices and ignoring one of the most important SEO principles. There are various reasons for this that we won’t get into but what you need to do is to ensure that your site is mobile friendly. Especially after mobile first rank update by Google.







AMP is an abbreviation for Accelerated Mobile Pages project. This is an open-source initiative aiming to make the web better for all. The project enables the creation of websites and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms.  According to Google’s VP of Engineering David Besbris:


– AMP pages are 4x faster and use 10x less data compared to non-AMP pages

– On average AMP pages load in less than one second

– 90 percent of AMP publishers experience higher CTRs

– 80 percent of AMP publishers experience higher ad viewability rates.






Even if it is at the bottom of the list, one of the most important SEO principles is to be present at social networks. This is not a problem for mainstream sites but when it comes to adult websites, things are much harder to achieve.


Our suggestion is not to waste time on Facebook (except you are running softcore sites like a model list without explicit materials) and concentrate on Twitter and Google Plus. The second one also needs softcore content but it is very important because Google is considering those +1 as SEO signals. We tested this on one our projects and this is definitely true, no place for speculations.