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Basic SEO
Before starting to work with us and planning on seeing your site propel up the search engine results pages like the rocket above, there are some very important things that you should know. Our experience tells us that there is a large number of webmasters not familiar with basic SEO principles. Not knowing basic SEO usually results in confusion, frustrations and misunderstandings. In order to lessen this scenario, we have created this article and encourage each prospective customer to read it before contacting us by email or ordering services.






There are literally two things necessary for good results and rankings. If you do them well, success is guaranteed. These are Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO parameters.


Onsite SEO – this is a process of implementing doing proper and necessary technical structure required by search engines. Some of them are (but not all) include making proper texts with a suitable keyword density and length. Also important is fixing code errors, enabling mobile responsiveness, making proper descriptions on the page, using well planned internal linking, ensuring that there are no duplicate meta description tags and keyword stuffing. Even after all of this effort, there still needs to be the implementation of H tags, compressing images/scripts, setting proper alt fields, and much more. One these onsite SEO process have been conducted successfully, the work will be expressed with a precise SEO score. The value ranges from 0-100 is available for every single page on the internet. This value allows you to compare your page SEO score against competitors. Successful SEO work requires a previously conducted keywords and competition analysis.


Offsite SEO – this is the second part of the SEO job that can be done simultaneously or after the onsite SEO described above. In short, offsite SEO is another expression for getting links to your site. More relevant links will boost your site ranking. Same as with SEO score for onsite SEO, site authority is measured with own metrics. One of the most commonly used are PA (page authority) and DA (domain authority) but there are other ones that we are using when examining sites and competition.


Here at SEO Adult, we will take care of all onsite SEO needs and analytics (keywords, competition, site potential, etc.) necessary to get the job done properly. At this time, we are not offering link building because there are many people who claim to offer these services. We have found that many webmasters are left unsatisfied with money spent, especially when they receive less than stellar results.  SEO Adult sees a definite need for improvement in these services. In fact, we are currently working on a very interesting and unique link building service. Stay tuned!



Search engine optimization is a mathematically precise process. There is no magic of any kind there (alchemy, mysticism, voodoo or anything else) and there is a totally logical path needed to rank well. All you need to do is have good SEO score and a good domain rank. Considering that adult sites are an extremely competitive field, the most important question when it comes to ranking is; How good is your competition? If competition is weak, nothing will stop your climb in SERPs. If it is strong, you will have to put more effort to be ranked for some keywords. Our analysis can tell you what exactly is needed to better your particular site.





Many webmasters are not aware that it is nearly impossible to optimize one page for multiple keywords and get good results. In theory, it is possible but in practice, it is extremely difficult, especially when competition is strong. This means that for each keyword you want to rank, you need to pick a page and optimize it. You will probably notice that for the most well-ranked sites, the index page is not the one listed in SERPS (except with the exact domain name match). 


This is why it is important to plan a proper website structure when starting a new site. When you make multiple articles related to the site niche and interlink them well, you are slowly building your site authority on some subject. For example, if you are running an ebony sex site, you will want to make separate pages targeting different keywords like ebony porn, threesome ebony sex, ebony doggy style, ebony porn actors, ebony fetish sex, black girls porn, etc.


Ideally, you will cover all keywords based on quality keyword research and analysis. In the eyes of search engines, you will become an authority site and you will gain more traffic and exposure. Also, it is much easier to be ranked for a new keyword you are targeting in your niche than a site that is not considered a valuable resource for visitors. Related to this, you should read our educational article telling about the importance of long tail keywords and how they affect traffic.





As described in our frequently asked questions section, time of ranking depends on a keyword competition and authority of your site. There are two main scenarios. If you are improving existing page optimization and your page is already included in SERPS, it will take much less time to go up and notice the difference. We are talking about a week on average. The second scenario is when you are publishing a new page targeting a keyword that you weren’t targeting before. It all depends on the strength of your domain and competition strength. You need to get in search engine index first, before going up in SERPs. It is hard to give an estimation but if we have to, it would be one month on average. 


After having your page optimized with a good SEO score, it becomes very simple. You are pushing your way up by obtaining links to that particular page. Link anchors should be different and diversified, describing the subject in the different ways. Another example to consider; if the target keyword in busty Asian girls then you should link it with that particular title but also with anchors like big tits Asians, curvy Asian girls, petite busty Asians, hot and horny busty Asian girls, best curvy Asian porn videos, etc. Just let the search engines understand what is included on that page. This is actually the part that most of the webmasters noticed in basic SEO instructions when they say to make things natural and for visitors. This is true but because modern SE algorithms are trying to mimic real users by improving their own AI.




If you are the owner of websites promoting live sex cams and cam girls, we will have to disappoint you and refuse our services. We don’t have anything against you personally. The only reason is that we are running cams sites too and do not wish to assist direct competitors. We believe it fair and proper to inform potential customers immediately. 


The same rule applies to femdom affiliate sites because we are operating a network of female domination affiliate sites. Still, this is good news for the rest of webmasters because it is a clear sign that our methods work just fine as advertised. These are no special methods but pure logic and following solid SE recommendations tested and proven in real life.


Besides two mentioned categories, we will not accept clients with sites working against all of the adult industry. This means piracy, torrents, file lockers, password sharing sites and similar projects destroying business models for honest webmasters.





Ever try asking a professional chef in a restaurant about favorite recipes and where they are buying their secret ingredients? You get the point. Even if we gave you all analytics data, it takes time and knowledge to understand it and make right and responsible decisions. If you are not currently paying licenses for multiple tools necessary for the job, you probably won’t start doing it now. Still, some of our clients will be presented with information about how to handle aspects of SEO on their own in future.





No, because most of our clients don’t want to expose their efforts and what they are targeting in the same way you wouldn’t like to see your data and progress shared with other webmasters. Still, with our existing clients, we share precise info about our own sites ranking and methods used when it is necessary to demonstrate strategy or idea what should be done.





Quality SEO takes time. This is not our invention and something you can easily research if you carefully read articles on SEO Adult. In our line of work, we have met many different people. There is a percentage of webmasters presented with exact data that simply refusing to understand what we are saying, or constantly questioning things.  If you recognize yourself in the next three categories, please, don’t order our services:

1. Lazy people – if you like to procrastinate and don’t want to work by our advice and plans. There is a lot of work involved on new sites and probably many technical things that should be fixed on existing websites.

2. Suspicious webmasters – as in everyday life, there are people being suspicious about everything, including SEO. Constantly reconsidering and thinking over and over again, trying to make us feel like we are somehow scamming them. This is very tiring for both sides of the process so please, just skip our services. 

3. Site owners looking for an excuse – we have met people presented with the SEO data and pieces of advice regarding how to improve their sites that were refusing most of the mentioned things. There is no reasonable explanation for their behavior except the combination of Number 1 and Number 2 above. 



We have total respect for their view and way of thinking, just please don’t waste valuable time for all of us. There are tons of other things to do instead of SEO improvements. For example, sitting in front of the monitor wondering why other sites are ranking so well or blaming Google for a site failure. Or, constantly paying for traffic instead of getting it for free through SEO. In the end, praying to the search engine Gods is an irreplaceable way of ensuring not to be spotted by the next algorithm update and hoping to keep the things like they are now. Considering ourselves being totally upfront and honest, we will immediately recommend you suitable services. You should go to Fiverr and search for affordable SEO that will guarantee a top ranking for a few bucks. How cool is that? And yes, when picking a random Indian guy to work on your site and do basic SEO, always choose the one without the fancy sunglasses on the profile photo (they tend to answer your emails longer than other ones before totally disappearing). Of course, don’t forget to check is adult content OK with their religious beliefs. 





First, with SEO Adult, there are no hidden fees or recurring monthly payments. You will get exactly what you pay for, measurable and easy to track. We are not offering expensive monthly packages not having clear goals. The second reason, we are not hiding our prices behind “contact us for quote” buttons. Third, we are running our own affiliate websites as the core business with the exact same services offered here. Finally, we love to talk, drop us an email if you are having questions that are bothering you.