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SEO Adult – How It Should Be Done?

SEO Adult Principles Explained
This purpose of this article is to explain the most important factor when it comes to adult sites online marketing and SEO. Adult search engine optimization is not so different than the mainstream. Nonetheless, there are still some differences, mainly because of the limited promotional opportunities, social media marketing, link building, and paid search marketing.






Being a paysite owner or webmaster of an affiliate marketing website, you already know the value of organic search traffic. It is the best converting and highest quality traffic source. It is also the smartest thing you can do to achieve long-term success. Getting stable flow is a big job but once you are there, it is the best thing you could do for yourself. Getting free traffic instead of paying for advertising campaigns of suspicious quality is the holy grail of the adult industry.


SEO adult (search engine optimization for adult sites) is a set of proven methods that must be conducted if you want to see real results and fight the fierce competition in adult niches.






SEO for adult requires a precisely defined list of moves to be conducted with the goal of achieving desired results. These results are (depending on the strength of competition and your website authority) to be indexed in search engine index, and then to climb in SERPs, ideally on the first page between top ten results for a targeted keyword. Most webmasters are totally clueless about competition strength and usually blame search engines that they are not doing their job well providing poor results to users.


If you are one of these webmasters, we will have to disappoint you before proceeding any further. There is a very slim chance that search engines are a problem. For better understanding, ask yourself have you addressed the next, necessary steps explained in the list below:                                                                                                                                                                                             


Before targeting a keyword and trying to rank, the necessary step is to conduct a proper investigation on the desired adult niche and find best adult keywords. This means to check how many times some term is searched per month average on the search engine you want to target (perhaps, some local google version).


You will also want to obtain similar keywords related to the main one and pull out data for them as well. This will give you an idea of potential but that is only the first part of the job. Here at SEO adult, one of the most important SEO services we offer is examining keywords for adult websites.




With the list of long tail keywords in front of you, it is now time to separate the highly competitive ones from those that will be targeted in your adult SEO campaign. The next necessary step is to check competition for the specific keyword, the ones you would like to rank. Sucess of SEO oriented adult business depends on this because you don’t want to waste time trying to rank for something with strong competition.


This is the part where most adult webmasters make the mistake of simply picking the wrong direction to proceed. To ensure best results and avoid biggest competitive websites, we provide a detailed competition analysis service




A narrowed choice of effective adult keywords is still not enough for the best results. You will need a long-term linking strategy and a roadmap telling you what to do first. SEO Adult has a special service called keyword map. You can read more about it here but in short, this is the plan how to build pages on site and make the whole project relevant to the subject from the perspective of search engines. This is a necessary step if you want to make your site an “authority website.”




At this point, you know how marketing and SEO strategy will look like in the future. The next item on the website’s ranking and improvement list is adult content writing. We know that this is the most time-consuming part of the job but as people say, no pain, no gain. Every keyword you are targeting must have an article talking about it.


Just writing tons of text doesn’t work in modern SEO. Each text has to be successful from the semantic perspective. This is actually the hardest part and it takes a lot of time to do it right. Luckily for people thinking seriously about SEO for porn and digital marketing, SEO Adult has a service for creating top quality content for your adult website. Find out more about our content writing service and what is so special about it. 




At this point, you are very close to finishing adult website SEO in a great way. It is a moment to create pages and fill them with written content and increase rate optimization for every keyword. If you were reading carefully throughout this site (and you should) and as mentioned on this page, every keyword should have own optimized page. Site owners using WordPress as their CMS should use Yoast plugin that will help them improve onsite SEO score. It is a basic tool, but still good enough to get things going in the right direction.


You’ve come this far but, you still don’t feel comfortable optimizing your website pages on your own. If this is your case, SEO Adult has you covered with a full webpage optimization service available here. Our professional team has tons of experience in SEO for adult sites and will do this for you in the best possible manner. 




Finally, you have something that really can compete with other players in the adult market arena. In case that you already have pages that are optimized or you thought they were, you can check how well SEO job was done with this service.  If you have followed all instructions above and completed them properly, be absolutely convinced that you have accomplished exactly what search engines want to see. You are the owner of high-quality content pages and that is something every SEO company will confirm. The more articles on the subject you have, the more your site will become interesting and regarded as a high-quality resource which always results in increased website traffic.


The only thing that is standing between your pages and top search engine rankings is the concept of building links and getting some link juice. Depending on how many you already have, your pages will rank fast or they won’t rank at all. Link building is still the most important ranking factor today. Depending on the competition strength for each keyword, sometimes you don’t need to have links at all. Existing domain authority is simply enough to get a good ranking. Usually, we can predict this in the keyword research service mentioned at the top of this best practices article.


If your website is new and having a link profile made from weak and non-productive links, the only thing left is to get some new valuable links.  There is a new article about adult sites link building coming soon that will tell you more about offsite SEO parameters (methods explained here fall in onsite SEO category). 






The Internet is filled with adult website content. Adult SEO services are here to help you get noticed and obtain a sweet piece of the pie. Still, it is not an easy task. Our own research and experience have taught us that adult website design and promotion game is a serious longterm business. That means that the majority of all serious players have been into search marketing and SEO for adult websites for many years.


Making money with porn adult is lucrative even today, especially when you manage to find missed opportunities by the other players. And there are many in most of the niches no matter how saturated they are. If you are seeing your competition in top search results, that doesn’t mean that you can’t win that position with a better technical SEO and smarter SEO adult link building. Actually, it is just a question of will and how determined you are to get there. 


Search engines love SEO friendly pages and your goal is to give them what they are looking for. What we have described are exclusively white hat techniques that won’t get you in a problematic situation like black hat SEO will. If you stick to these well-proven methods, good results are inevitable. 


In closing please find some important advice to consider; All serious SEO experts will confirm that work on site improvement is a constant job. It becomes much easier once you optimize your website by the rules in this SEO adult educational article. From this moment forward you should measure what are the top converting pages so you can boost them more. This is accomplished by using other non-SEO methods like email marketing, social media campaigns or even pay per click campaigns because now you know for sure the pages people like the most.