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SEO Competition Analysis

SEO Competition Analysis
SEO Competition Analysis is an important factor that most webmasters fail to properly research when they start making their pages or updating sites. After their site does not rank “where it should be,” many webmasters cast blame toward search engines stating that they are unfair and/or not doing their job well, etc. 

This is a somewhat common viewpoint, but an incorrect one. SEO Competition Analysis service will show you why. This tool is good news for webmasters of all experience levels. Now there is something you can do to better your sites and lower the of failing all over again. 



Ideally, you already have keyword research and suggestion behind you. By now, you should know the target keywords that you want to rank for. But before deciding to optimize pages for them, spending time and effort, you need to study the strength of your competition. It is a similar approach to any other competition category. For example, if you have a three-cylinder powered automobile, you won’t even try to compete against V8 race cars, right? You can try, but you already know the result before the race starts. This is the approach many webmasters needlessly take on a daily basis. The odds are overwhelmingly stacked against them. However, they keep trying to fight against the big guys, losing over and over again. 


#1 –  The first thing that we do is to calculate your website rank. How? – We will examine your domain name with multiple analysis tools and SEO tools. We will then designate a special ranking called competitiveness index for your site. This metric is calculated using the domain name, Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow, backlink profile, site age, and other factors (over 13 different ones). Once you get the designation, you will know the strength of your website and in what range you can compete. At the same time, each keyword you want to rank has a similar ranking. This means that if your website KC is 40, and the desired keyword is (for example) 25, it is very easy to rank for that keyword (after applying onsite SEO). However, if your site KC is 25 and keyword KC is 40 or more, you will just waste precious time without the results. 


#2 With previously explained methods (basically a micro SEO audit) your SEO analysis is partially done but still far from finished. Now when you know your site competitiveness index, it is time to open list of keywords. This list is compiled yourself or from our keyword research and suggestion service. The second option is far better because you will know average monthly search volume. This is an extremely important factor when deciding how to shape your content marketing efforts.

Knowing difficulty of keywords and pairing them with your KC will show a clear path of which keywords to target. This will easily strengthen website online presence. At this point, you should pick some of those keywords (or leave that to us) and let us research the exact details of the competitor’s performance.

#3 – At this phase, we will check top 10 currently ranked pages on the search engine of your choice (basically any SE in the world) and drill into the details. The goal is to see why they are ranked so well and if there is an opportunity for you to overtake their positions. This is mathematically precise process based on valuable information pulled out from their pages and combined with current SE algorithm. Basically, we are checking their technical SEO, link building, domain authority, website traffic, domain age, social media and social networks presence, onsite SEO, etc. At this point you will get a clear picture of the competitive landscape and how hard (or easy) is to take your piece of the pie.





Below is the shortened version of an analysis (not all fields are revealed) intended to better illustrate the process and how we analyze your competitors.  The sample you are viewing is representing #3 described above. Long tail keyword examined for a test purpose is, “petite girl porn.”


Under the assumption that you have read about SEO score and how it is calculated, you can clearly see that only one of the top 10 ranked sites actually targeted this keyword. Yes, you are reading it correctly, only xHamster did proper onsite search engine optimization. Now, if you are wondering why they are not top-ranked, it is because you haven’t read how modern SEO works. In short, there are other important that affects ranking like backlinks profile, domain age, social networks interaction, etc. 

The conclusion of this example is that this is a highly competitive keyword. The good news is if you already have a website with a good link profile, and if you do a good webpage optimization, there is a huge probability you will rank on the first page of Google. In this case, we were interested in (USA). Even if this is a hard keyword to compete (but totally achievable), it is a perfect example of how keywords are totally neglected by the site owners. If you take a closer look, you will see same domain listed twice. This double listing means that Google is literally screaming and asking for a better website page to serve in SERPs.


This means that there is still a big chance to rank high and get high-quality organic traffic. At the same time, this example is showing steps you probably have never taken before. Many webmasters today are still not taking the correct steps to improve their website. Rest assured, the big companies you are seeing ranked well for many terms are working on SEO strategy 24/7.  Don’t worry, you are no longer alone in the SEO world. is here to help you discover best practices and point your digital marketing strategies in the right direction. 



How to measure competition in SEO






To put it simply, for the price of $15 per examined search term (keyword), you will finally find out if you should invest time and effort in fighting with top competitors. With this service, you will save enormous amounts of time, and properly invested time equates to money. What is equally important is that you will know exactly how long your page should be and how big articles are enough to keep up and beat the competition. This is extremely valuable info you can’t get without this step.


We are constantly exploring new ways to work with our clients as they grow their websites. There are some incredible findings based on our research with sweet spots popping up all the time. Depending on the saturation of your niche, there is a significant chance that you will find some fantastic opportunities as well. The privacy policy is strict and we take our clients research and results seriously. We will never share confidential details that would negatively affect our customer efforts.  

Defeat your competition easily!