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SEO package



SEO package is intended to save you time and money. Our services throughout this site are some of the most affordable on the market today. We firmly believe in longterm partnerships and have prepared a special discount for the most serious clients. Going with this service can save you an additional 20%!


Our advice is to check all of services before ordering a package. Why? Because every website has a different story and needs. There is no universal rule on what is best for a site. Still, some things are universal for every project and we have included them in the package(s) described below. We want to be sure that you are getting exactly what you need for your particular site. 




#1: SEO CONSULTING – Let’s talk! Let us hear your expectations and plans for the desired site. We will tell you is it achievable, what to do to get there and is there a better, easier and cheaper way to get SE traffic. Get more details about SEO consulting here.

$100 value. Price with the package: $80



#2: KEYWORDS RESEARCH AND SUGGESTION – Find out what are related keywords for your niche and which ones to target first. In the SEO package, you will get up to 300 keyword suggestion for your niche. More than enough to keep you busy for quite some time.

$60 value. Price with the package $40



#3: SEO COMPETITION ANALYSIS – We pull out your best keyword lists. You will then receive a detailed competition analysis for the 10 best keywords you pick. 

$150 value. Price with the package: $120



#4: TF-IDF ANALYSIS – For the 10 keywords of your choice, usually taken from 10 SEO competition analysis above. We then ready a full TF-IDF analysis necessary for the properly SEOed page.

$100 value. Price with the package: $80



#5: KEYWORDS MAP –  You will get a larger map (60 keywords instead of 40) with this SEO package. Learn more about keywords maps and what it includes.

$180 value. Price with the package: $140



#6: LINKS QUALITY CHECK – Give us 20 of your existing link partners or prospects to check. Find out more about links quality check and how we perform this service.

$100 value. Price with the package: $80



#7: SEO ARTICLES WRITING – Based on the competition analysis, SEO Adult will make five (5) high-quality articles in a proper length (up to 800 words) to match top 10 ranked pages currently on any search engine you want to target. Read what are SEO articles and why they are necessary.

$200 value. Price with the package: $180



#8: WEB PAGE OPTIMIZATION – We will do a complete page optimization for five (5) new or existing pages on your site for previous SEO articles. Remind yourself of webpage optimization.

$150 value. Price with the package: $110


TOTAL PACKAGE PRICE: ($1040)  $799

Save money with package!