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SEO Writing Service is made to help you save time, nerves and constant wondering if your articles are written well enough to rank. This service can be purchased separately but ideally, it will come after keyword research and analysis coupled with a competition check. Of course, it is possible that you already have all necessary data and that you firmly believe that some certain keyword is the way to go. That being said, you still need an SEO article for the keyword and your site.


This is a text that has everything it takes to please search engines and latest algorithms. This means a proper structure, length, keyword density and all that based on the TF-IDF analysis. All you will have to do is to paste it on your page and you are ready to go. 

At first, we didn’t plan on offering SEO writing services. Although, after talking to clients it was clear that they were already paying copywriters to get their SE food and SEO writing service. Those results are usually very thin. We are not saying that those texts are bad, but ordinary copywriters actually never had contact with writing for search engines. With us, you are totally safe from these problems and you will get a high-quality SEO text on the subject you are targeting. We are taking care of everything which means that TF-IDF analysis is already incorporated in the result.





SEO article sampleClick on the word icon on the left to see a sample of our work and a genuine SEO article. The text you are viewing is targeting keyword “Live Femdom Cams.” The finished result contributed to getting a very high SEO score for a page that is using this text. Total length is 824 words based on the current competition analysis for the desired term. The sample is in image format to protect copying as some webmasters have already attempted, totally neglecting copied and duplicate content penalty. Please note that as stated previously, we are not offering services for live cams and femdom websites. 






As with any other article writing service, cost per depends on the number of words used in the article. The current rate is $5 for 100 words. You will receive high-quality SEO text on the desired subject based on competition analysis and top 10 ranked sites currently for the specified keyword. If you are wondering why we are not analyzing top 10 ranked pages, it is because being top-ranked doesn’t necessarily means that you have a best onsite SEO score. At first glance, some top-ranked sites might seem to be lower quality. These type of sites are there because of other factors like link profile, domain age, social mentions, etc.


The speed of SEO writing service delivery depends on how busy writers are at the moment so if you are in a hurry, we suggest to contact us and check current situation. Average delivery time for an article is up to three days.


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