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TF-IDF Analysis

TF-IDF Analysis is something most of the webmasters totally overlook. There have been so many times that we have heard site owners saying that they have unique content and great articles. However, they are still not ranking so it must be search engine algorithm to blame.


The next question we usually ask is; “How do you know that your article is so good and relevant for a search engine to consider you as a relevant choice?” The best answer we get getting is something like; “I’ve spent time writing, all text is unique and was taking care of the copied content penalty.


What most site owners (giving a similar or even worse response) don’t realize is that quality and relevancy of the text on a page depends on rules that can be mathematically presented. Here you can find out more about semantic search and why it is important. Don’t forget to learn about TF- IDF from the Wikipedia article. Considering that we like to keep things simple, here is an example for better understanding:


Let’s say that you are making a webpage targeting computers repair niche. In computer repair, the term “monitor repair” is likely more important than “pen tablets repair.” Every computer has the monitor, but only a small number of computers have those professional pen tablets. Because of that, the term “monitor repair” is important and more relevant to be used on most on top-ranked pages targeting the same niche as you. This is exactly what the TF-IDF analysis will be able to tell you! Looking at different related keyword usage stats of top-ranked competitors, the TF-IDF formula is going to show you:

– Which keywords are the most important and relevant to your topic.

– Which of them are used on your page properly by the current SE standards

– Which terms on your page are used too much or too little (in case you have an existing page).

– What keywords and key sentences you should use on a page you are planning to create.






– Efficient and simple for matching words of query terms with the document’s content

– Returns highly relevant documents for a particular query

– Uses basic metric to evaluate descriptive terms in a document

– Ideal for becoming a foundation of more complicated algorithms

– The similarity between 2 documents can be found easily. 

This algorithm will help you to produce unique content and keep you away from the penalty of keyword stuffing.





$10 TF-IDF analysis per keyword (that you will choose and enter on order page) will get you a report in excel file format (PDF). This will include a precise list of keywords that you should use on your existing or a new page. Suggested keywords are calculated through TF-IDF formula based top 10 optimized sites currently in google for that keyword (or search engine you are targeting).



analysis sample

Click on an image above to download a detailed TF-IDF analysis sample report. Targeted keyword: SPANDEX PORN



There is also an option to get a report based on top 10 ranked sites currently. Our suggestion is to avoid this because those pages can be ranked well because of other, offsite SEO factors (link building). If you still need it done this way, please leave a comment on the order page. 


If you are in the process of making a website and not having a page that is actually online, the report will be delivered in the format of Excel file (a list of keywords you should use in your new article).

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