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webpage audit


Webpage Audit is an important basic step if you currently have an operating website hosted online. The purpose of this service is to check current SEO condition of your page.


There could be various reasons to check an existing page. For example, you never had a chance to confirm the current SEO score of your favorite page. Another common reason is that you previously paid for expensive SEO services but unsure how to measure performance. For example, how well did they perform and is optimization level satisfactory? Whatever the reason, we are here to help at a more than affordable price.

We will check desired page(s) and prepare precise SEO score on the scale from 0 up to 100 reports. A good score begins at 73 and goes up to 93. Any number above 93 is fantastic but nearly impossible to achieve. It takes much more time versus results and usually, 97% of the competition falls below this score. 

Page audit will also include precise advice what to do to improve your score like:

– check keywords presence in a title
– check title length (to match search engines criteria)
– check for multiple title tags
– check for keywords in meta description tag
– check meta description length to match recommended values
– check for multiple description tags
– check for keywords in meta keywords tag
– increase or decrease the number of keywords to match proper keyword density on a page
– give a suggestion about a proper text length on page 
– check for H1 and H2 tags
– check ALT descriptions of images
– check if a page containing open graph markup and structured data markup
– and show you some more things that could make your page be optimized better

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Once you get the report, you can follow the suggestions and fix things on your own schedule. For those who would rather leave this type of work to professionals, we offer one of our most important services that will include serious page optimization. For bulk orders over 30 pages, contact us and we will send you a discount coupon that will save you 15%. 

Check your page SEO quality