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Webpage Optimization

Webpage optimization
Webpage optimization is the next logical step in search engines optimization after the proper competition and keyword research/analysis. There are two ways that you can go. The first one is to apply detailed service results on your own. The second option is to leave webpage optimization to the professionals. We encourage you to learn from our tools and perform the suggested functions on your own. However, we realize many people don’t have the time or enough knowledge to conduct necessary changes.

This service can be applied to an existing page (like a blog post) or completely new page that is not created.


Considering that you previously read the webpage audit earlier, you know that there is an SEO score for each page. This score can be calculated based on all important factors on that page. Our goal is to deliver and improve your page SEO score. A good SEO score starts somewhere around 75 and goes up to 93. Numbers above that are achievable but it takes much more time and effort to get it from there. To use another automotive example, think about how a car can get maximum speed on the road but it still takes time to get to the desired destination. We suggest doing a competition analysis before deciding what pages to optimize. Read more about this valuable service here. In most cases, competitors have a very low web page SEO score and they are easy to defeat and overtake their search terms.


After you decide what are your best content pages, it is time to finally get traffic and conversions. It often happens that webmasters are convinced that well-written content follows best practices but, they can be missing important ranking factors. We are here to check it for you.





Webpage optimization service means that SEO Adult will check and fix:
– keywords presence in a title
– title length (to match Google criteria)
– multiple title tags
– keywords in meta description tag
– description length to match recommended values
– multiple description tags
–  keywords in meta keywords tag
– increase or decrease the number of keywords to match proper keyword density on a page
– write proper text required to reach a good SEO score 
– H1 and H2 tags
– set proper internal linking
– ALT descriptions of images

Additionally, our report will show if your page is mobile friendly. The report will also contain open graph markup and structured data markup, and other things that should be done from SEO perspective. This comprehensive list includes information on obtaining a free SSL certificate, compressing scripts to reduce page load time and increase page speed, giving advice how to improve user experience/conversion rate and squeezing more from your hard earned web traffic. Tweaks mentioned in this paragraph depend on other site modification that is not part of on-page SEO. Nevertheless, we will advise and give our opinion because it is closely related to high rate optimization and success with all major search engines


Performance optimization above is designed for pre-existing pages. A similar service is available for new web pages where a client wants to create and receive more search engine love. 





What you should take into the consideration is the technology you are currently using on your site. Our experience says that many webmasters are stuck with custom CMS and website platforms that were never planned to be SEOed. If you are running a site on WordPress then you can completely ignore this part. In case you are using some other CMS, it is time to test your site and see can page properties be modified. This doesn’t mean that your site can’t be SEOed but web performance will be lower (SEO score). There are multiple scenarios like not being able to optimize for the mobile device or not being able to change page titles or filename structure. If you are unsure if your site ready to be optimized, google search for the solution or simply contact us so we can try to help.

Order optimization and get high SEO score for your page