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Website audit (not to be confused with webpage audit ) is a service for owners of already established websites. Interestingly enough, a large percentage of webmasters with profitable websites are not aware how many errors and mistakes exist on their projects. This is not an exception but more likely the rule and there is a reasonably simple explanation for this situation. Many of these successful sites have been online for many years, some even a decade or even more. Webmasters have a usual routine when it comes to site updates/maintenance, plus lack of time to experiment and learn new things. Unfortunately, search engine algorithms and updates are constantly rolling out. After some time, your the site will become outdated from a technical and especially SEO perspective. Things are even worse if you have a massive website with thousands of pages.


If you believe that you are one of these people or you know a webmaster that is neglecting proper site maintenance, a website audit is a perfect solution for you. Because of this all too often scenario, we have created an offer for a full website audit service.





First, will conduct a comprehensive website audit. Delivery time depends on website size but on average, you should expect your report within a week or less. You will receive a PDF file with details about the current state of your site. Not only will you receive a list of potentially problematic things, but you will also be presented with an explanation of how to fix issues as appropriate. You can expect an extensive detailed report separated in the next sections: 



 – list resources (pages or files) with 4xx code 
 – list resources with (pages or files) 5xx code
 – listing resources (pages or files) restricted from indexing
 – 404-page setup check
 – robots txt file availability check
 – XML sitemap availability check



 – empty title tags (list of pages with this problem)
 – duplicate titles (list of pages with this with same titles)
 – too long titles (list of pages with titles going over Google limit)
 – empty meta description ( listing of pages missing metadata)
 – duplicate meta descriptions (listing of pages using same meta descriptions)
 – too long meta descriptions (list of pages with descriptions going over SERPs limit)




 – broken links on site
 – pages with an excessive number of links
 – do follow external links (you should reduce the number of dofollow as much as you can)




 – www and non www version setup
 – SSL (https) status
 – check for 302 redirect pages
 – check for 301 redirect pages
 – pages with meta refresh
 – Pages with rel=”canonical”  


 – mobile friendliness
 – https pages with mixed content issues
 – pages with multiple canonical URL
 – pages with frames list
 – pages with W3C HTML errors and warnings
 – pages with W3C CSS errors and warnings
 – too big pages list



#6: URLs

 – Dynamic URLs list
 – Too long URLs list


 – broken images list
 – images with empty alt texts

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